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Scholarship Rules



The Bay of Plenty Education Trust ("the Trust") has established scholarships for tertiary education in the general fields of science, technology and emerging industries.

The following conditions apply:-

1. The scholarships shall be known as the Bay of Plenty Education Trust Science, Technology & Emerging Industries Scholarship to be awarded to secondary school students resident in the Coastal Bay of Plenty area on the recommendation to the Trust of school Principals.

2. In considering the award of a scholarship the financial means available to the student shall be taken into account to the intent that the scholarships will assist students who might not be otherwise able to undertake tertiary education.

3. The scholarships shall be for tertiary education in the general fields of science and technology relevant to New Zealand economy or emerging industries providing a cash sum of $5,750 over 4 years ($2,000 in year 1, $1,250 in year 2, $1,250 in year 3 and $1,250 in year 4).

4. One scholarship per year is available for each secondary school in the area and also an additional scholarship where the school has in excess of 1,000 students. Where in any year a school does not award a scholarship the Trustees may make an additional scholarship available to that school in the following year.

5. The scholar must be intending to study at a tertiary institution in New Zealand the next year. It is not available to students intending to undertake a “gap” year.

6. At the end of the first and second scholastic years after the award of each scholarship the Trust will consider renewal of the scholarship for a further year, subject to application by the student concerned together with evidence that the scholar has passed their subject for the previous year and that they intend to continue studying at the tertiary institution for the next year.

At the end of the third year the Trust will consider renewal of the scholarship for a fourth year, such decision at the sole discretion of the Trust.

7. In considering a student's application for renewal of a scholarship the Trust may take into account whatever matters it considers relevant and no decision of the Trust shall be open to question or review by any person.

8. These conditions may be amended from time to time as the Trust sees fit.