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Chair's Report to 2015 Annual General Meeting

This is my third report as Chair of the Trust and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Trustees for their ongoing support for yet another very successful year for the Trust.



We had another good year in the finance arena; we had a net surplus of $502,726 for the financial year. We have transferred $201,090 of that to the Educational Purposes Reserve for future educational obligations. This year we achieved our revised goal of having a capital base of more than five million dollars (excluding the Educational Reserves) and ended the year with a net capital of $5,202,618 and a total capital of $5,809,011 including the educational reserve.


The Science, Technology and Emerging Industries Scholarship

A further 18 scholarships of $5,750 each were awarded in 2014 with a total value of $103,500. The Trust has awarded a total of 219 scholarships since the introduction of the programme in the year 2000 with a total value of $963,750.


Strategic Planning Session

During the year we had several meetings to revisit our core values, directions and goals and have completed the Strategic Plan that better reflects the direction the Trust is embarking on. The Plan set the strategic priorities for the next 5 years and allocated them to the Board committees to plan their implementation.



We continue to use Monique to publicise the Trust’s activities in the local newspapers and tabloids to raise the Trust’s profile. Our upgraded website is now working and better reflects the workings of the Trust.


Future Leaders Programme

We have continued with this very successful programme, into our eighth year with the inspirational Phil Lawrence as the presenter. The programme is aimed at Year 12 and 13 students from each College in our catchment area and gives them the opportunity to grow their leadership skills. This programme is enjoyed by the participants and very much appreciated by the local schools.



We have continued our Grant of $10,000 to this very efficient organisation that provides a great step towards full time employment for local youth into worthwhile careers.



We were sad to farewell Ses MacKinnon as a Trustee when she retired in May 2014. Ses had been Chair of the Trust for many years and a strong advocate for the Eastern BOP Colleges. We also welcomed a new Trustee for the Trust in May 2014 to replace Ses in the form of Peter Tootell. Peter has recently retired as Principal of Trident High School and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the Trust.


Roger Loveridge