My Leadership Challenge

  • As a result of attending Workshop 1, which one of the Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership are you going to learn more about, focus upon, and consciously try to improve during the next 3 months leading up to Workshop 2 in July?


    I have chosen to do the practice 5. Encourage the Heart.


    Why have you chosen this practice to focus upon?


    I have chosen to learn more about encouraging the heart because I believe that it is a good way to motivate and bring your teammates together as a team. It also presents an opportunity to relate to you teammates, creating a stronger bond. This is very important especially in my situation as the age gap between the year 7 and 8 students and myself is reasonably large. This gap I believe is the reason that the students are very withdrawn and quiet when they are speaking to me. By creating a bond between them and myself they will start to come out of there shell and become an active member in any team discussions we have and will be willing to ask me about any problems or difficulties that they face. I will also use this method to bring the players closer together as a team, which I hope will then make the team more successful in the season ahead.


    What is one thing that you will try to do during this 3 month period, which should help you to be more successful when using this practice?


    The one thing that I will do to be more successful when using this practice is to get the team in after the game and go over ‘What we did well, what we didn’t and how we can improve.’ But during this process I will make the process individual by praising players in front of there pairs and then give them advice to become an even better player and hopefully strengthening the bonds between everybody in the team.


    Jed O’Brien