9 point questionnaire-Leah

  • My project: 1. My 'project' that I have been/was involved in was organising/taking notes in how to run the 2017 Tauranga Girls College annual school ball, so that next year I will run it. 2. This 'project' started at the end of 2016 and finished in the 14th May 2017 (the Sunday after the ball). 3. The Year 13 dean, plus the two year 13's who were in my position for last years ball. 4. As one of the two year 12's in the group, I was in charge of emailing the sashes company (King, Queen etc) and making sure that the invoice was passed on and the sashes arrived on time with the correct colours we had chosen. I also had the role of running the ball on the night. Because it is the year 13's big night, I was behind the scenes making sure everything flowed. There were 12 year 10 waitresses that were under my guidance throughout the night and I had to liaise with the DJ's and lighting on the Saturday morning while they were setting up so that if they had any queries I was there to help. 5. Year 13 Dean, deputy principal, 8 year 13's and 1 year 12 plus myself. 6. At this point in thine, the ball is complete, everything has been achieved and now we are getting ready to put out applications for 2018's ball committee. 7. I actually feel I pleased as to how I was as a leader in the ball committe, there was no doubt on the night that things weren't running smoothly and I have to give credit to myself and the other year 12 (haha), we were on our feet all night running around, cleaning up glass and cleaning tables. It was very stressful night, like all balls I imagine but I stayed composed and did my role successfully. 8. A. My preferred leadership style is a tough one, basically I enjoyed participating in a group environment where everyone could contribute ideas rather than just one single leader making all the decision, I also enjoyed having an objective, to have all the decorations up before the night. Working towards an objective/goal is what I would prefer as a leader. Working together really connected to me. B. I really felt like in this project, modelling the way (which I have chosen to focus on in this 4 month period ) can be learned upon. On the night of the ball, there are 12 waitresses who are 2 years younger than you, they're looking up to you all night for support and direction. The best thing about the night was that at the end, most of the girl came up to me, gave me a hug and said thank you, they said that I handled the night really well and it has made them consider becoming one of the year 12's on the ball committe when they reach the age because I have showen them how fun it can be. I felt like I had allowed them to shadow me, even in the short period of time that night, the way I acted and conducted myself has been a positive influence on the girls. 9. As a result of this 'project' I would encourage others to not be a dictator as a leader, don't try and make all the decisions for the group, everyone has great ideas and when put together and collaborated, amazing things can be achieved. So ask for support, a leader doesn't know the answers to everything so don't be afraid. I would also suggest being supportive, the dean and the 2 year 13's were always there if I and the other year 12 had any questions. You just have to make yourself available, don't make it hard for people to come ask you questions, because in the long run, it'll all work out if everyone is on the same page. Looking forward to seeing you all on the 1st of August!!!!