9 Point Questionnaire - Nadia

  • 1. My project is to fulfill my role as an assistant leader at Easter Regatta


    2. When did it start and when do you expect it to finish?

    It started in preparation on the start of this year, but came into focus during Rerewhakaaitu where our planning began. It will finish at the end of regatta or perhaps later after we evaluate the successfulness of our teamwork as a Unit.


    3. The leadership role had been initiated by the nomination last year, but the decision in which to plan and develop it was my concept.


    4. My role is to to be a leader to the girls in which will produce the most successful outcome, where we work the best as a team, are organised and prepared for what is needed, ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity to participate and to be a person in which my team can rely on in order to do my best. This includes roles like allocating duties to members of the unit, listening to their perspective and making fair and educated decisions when needed, and being a good role model for the girls.


    5. The younger girls in which I will lead, the mentors who have been teaching me how to be a leader, and the other leaders whom which I work in with.


    6. As of now, it is has been mostly in the planning stage, so not many results to report on. However one of the girls who I have been directly leading, as I have been teaching her how to helm, and the rules and strategy surrounding that, almost beat me in a race, and is starting to lead and teach others in her knowledge and enthusiasm to learn. This is exactly the attitude I wanted to encourage, to eliminate competition between people in a team so that they shared and developed their skills together as a team. When writing the script for our skit, the leaders were able to work together and were allocated different parts of it to work on, so that instead of last year where the planning was left too late and the entire script got allocated to me, it became more of a group effort where everyone contributed ideas and thoughts on the script, and then parts of it were then the duty of other members of the team. This meant an initially less confident person stepped up to their leadership role and the more dominant leaders gave her the space and opportunity to lead in her own way. This was really cool to see as to me it seems like the other girls are reflecting on their skills and trying to become better leader rather than just telling or doing the traditional things that a leader does. I feel like when it does come to easter that we will be able to work together as a team to lead the younger girls, and take on our own leadership roles in our own groups.


    For me personally, I have learnt more again about what leadership is, as coming in after regionals, and seeing leadership in action in our team caption. This instilled the importance of communication in a team and the respect that people have for each other in a team, the willingness to compromise and to treat each other as equals. It made me think more about who I want to be as a leader, what I need to do in order to achieve this. Firstly, I need to think, to remove myself from situations and my personal feelings in order to be able to make the best decision for a team. It also means to be constantly evaluating my own skills as a leader but as a team member, to identify where I need to improve on, and in the same respect provide room and opportunity for other people to learn and make mistakes. I feel challenged at time, to prioritise my needs and the teams needs, to preserve when I'm tired and to be just as good of a team member as I want others to be. But it also means providing myself the opportunity to make mistakes and to be tired and to have off days, and to be able to depend on other members of my team to a certain extent. And to not regard myself as any less of a leader than if I did everything right every time. That leadership never stops, translating into many aspects of my life in which I may not initially expect it, and that they are still equally important. My next step has been to get to know those in whom I'm leading more as people, and their motivations, rather than just spending that time hanging out with the people that I'm already friends with.


    From Easter Regatta, we came back as top Unit, which was a huge achievement to us, and I would directly credit it to the improved attitude of the younger girls and their willingness to help and get involved. One of our younger girls won the Junior Leadership cup, as she motivated our unit to get involved and talk to the other units, so we won the Friendship Trophy. This was such a cool result to see, especially as those were the kind of attitudes that I wanted to encourage, and that she personally, had been unintentionally left out of activities last year. She inspires me to try harder, and to believe in myself, and to aim for things that  I may have thought had been out of my reach.


    7. I feel very motivated to get more involved, as I feel like I have been holding back for sometime due to other people formally being in those leadership roles, but really to be a leader you just need to be the person to step up to the job. Through this project, I have become closer with the younger girls in the group, and been able to recognise and develop their skills and confidence. However in future I would like to have a more active role, and step into leadership opportunities more, rather than always leading from within the group, which has worked, but to be more effective a bigger role is needed.


    8. I have found that I prefer one on one leadership, and to lead from being a team member. I prefer this method as it means that trust is developed and that I am able to use specialise my skills for the person and using it in situations where it is appreciated, as in a large group messages are often ignored or they aren’t able to be applied to everyone. However I think it would be good to challenge myself to step outside this comfort zone, into some of the more difficult positions, as I want others to.


    I need to model the way through my behaviour, but I have now realised that I need to improve my attitude in which to approach leadership with. To be more open to the new opportunities and stepping up myself so that others can adapt the same attitude. If Nadia can do it, so can I. I need to become more willing to speak up, and to approach the things that I don’t enjoy with the same enthusiasm so that other girls can adapt this same attitude, so adapting the challenge the process mentality.


    After the success at Easter Regatta I realised what I had been aiming to do was inspired a shared vision, and thinking about the legacy of Mariners as a whole and the ideas we want everyone to follow. That’s what I was the proudest of, that the younger girls recognised these, and lived them. Being open-minded, giving back and helping, placing importance on the friendships developed and the fun to be had rather than winning, and to challenge themselves and others to be the best they can be. It makes me proud to see how they’ve grown, and how in some way I could have helped to get them there.


    Overall though, I believe that all of these 5 practises have been incorporated in order to receive the results we have, personally and as a group, and that this leadership course has enhanced the way in which I recognise the opportunities in which to do that.


    9. I would recommend the reflection of your own personal skills, and the opportunities provided with you to do that. What do you want the end result to be? How do you see yourself getting there? I would recommending putting more thought into the processes that naturally come along with leadership, and how you need to adapt and learn just as those who you lead will be doing. Being a leader means taking action for yourself and for the team, and this can be practised in every aspect of life.


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