So Otago is lovely! Much cooler than I am use to

  • I am sorry that I have only just got in touch now, I had tried earlier but my user name or password was just not playing along, then I got caught up with the uni workload.


    So Otago is lovely! Much cooler than I am use to, Whakatane weather really does not condition one for Dunedin's winter.


    My Hall of Residence is Carrington College, and I love it. The people are great and I have made heaps of great friends. The food is also amazing!! Best out of all the halls :) The only downfall for Carrington is the giant hill you have to conquer every trip home, and I hear it lethal in winter when it gets icy.


    I am doing the Health Science course, and it is very stressful with a huge work load. It consists of a chemistry paper, cells, physics and hubs (the human body system). I really enjoy hubs, especially the labs which we do every 2 weeks. Last lab we examined a real human leg and arm, looking at the muscles and ligaments and that kind of stuff, which was really interesting. Chemistry and Physics are the biggest challenge for me. We have had three tests since the mid-term break which has been very stressful, and has tested my time management skills with trying to keep up with my lectures, labs and notes as well as study and attending tutorials. In my hubs test i got 78% but only 60% in physics, which was a bit of a disappointment, but luckily it was a plusage test, which means if our next test score is higher the higher mark gets used over both test, and I now know what i need to work on which is good. we still haven't gotten our cells and chem marks back yet.


    Well now that I have sorted this blog out, I shall keep in touch!