3rd year Engineering

  • My name is Leonard and I'm studying Mechanical Engineering – BE(hons). I received the scholarship in 2009 and am very grateful for it. I completed my first Intermediate year at the University of Canterbury and then transferred to Waikato University were I am currently completing my degree.


    This year was my 3rd year at uni and it has gone well. I achieved good grades and completed some interesting projects and courses. This included machining a model steam engine and making a squash ball collecting machine. I have one more year to go which should prove challenging as I need to do an in depth design and research project.


    At the moment I am in Christchurch working for Industrial Research Limited (IRL) on their cryocoolers. These are a type of refrigeration system which can cool down to very low temperatures nearing zero Kelvin (-273°C). The main application for the cryocoolers is for producing liquid nitrogen to be used in superconducting transformers.


    Thank you for the scholarship and I hope everyone has had a good year!