My Leadership Challenge

  • Hi,


    Hope all is going well for everybody.


    As a result of Attending Workshop 1, the Practise of Exemplary student Leadership I have chosen to learn more about, focus and and consciously try to improve is #1 Model the way.


    Why? I have chosen the practise of Modelling the way because I believe as a leader this is one of the most important things to do. I believe if I model the way, by doing things appropriately and setting a good example, then not only will i have respect and clarification within my peers, I will also have developed other potential leaders within the group. By modelling the way, the other four practises will follow in a suitable format. Personally modelling the way means encouraging, supporting and praising others, it will mean that im not always the one doing all the work or being bossy, but the one who can share leadership roles. To be a great leader, you need followers, and by setting standards of excellence and setting a good example they will strive to be the same. This will also work by ensuring we share the same visons and goals. I have chosen this practise because my project is a challenge in itself, so ensuring I model the way, not only in the positive times but in the negative is essential for success. i also have struggled to keep this practise continually through previous projects so it is a weakness i want to improve.


    Over the next few months, to be more successful at Modelling the way, I am going to try to not be over powerful and demanding and to not take on the whole project with a 'one man' attitude.I will prioritise and delegate tasks and I will set standards of excellence to the ability of my goup and set goals and deadlines etc to ensure were on track.
    Hope everyone elses projects are going well.