My Leadership Style

  • 1. As a result of attending workshop 1 which of the Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership are you going to learn more about, focus upon, and consciously try to improve during the next three months leading up to Workshop 2?


    I am going to focus on number 2 which is Inspire a Shared Vision


    2. Why have you chosen this practice to focus upon?


    I have chosen this practice because I like to work towards a vision in the future and a lot of my projects that I lead have future visions, so I think this will be a leadership style that I could develop strongly. It also makes the members of my current group more motivated if we are working towards a vision in the future and makes the work we have to do a lot more meaningful if I know and the rest of the group know what the final outcome of the project is to be.


    3. What is one thing that you will try to do during this 3 month period, which should help you to be more successful when using this practice?


    One thing that I will keep doing to make this practice more successful is reminding every member at each meeting what the vision is. By doing this I think it will keep the team motivated and keep them informed on why we do what we do. Also it makes me more confident in my leadership as I am repeating the vision it makes me motivated to lead my team to achieve it as soon as possible.


    Bryce Coulter