Frances: Your Leadership Challenge

  • a) The practice I have chosen is ‘Model the Way.’


    b) I have chosen to focus on this practice because I think it is very appropriate for my leadership project of being a peer support leader for a year seven class. My project involves taking a Christian Living lesson every second week with two other leaders and preparing for the classes. As a leader, I am a role model for the younger students so I think it’s important that I act in a way that is consistent with what we are teaching them. This year the lessons we take are based on ‘being a good Bethlehem College student’ and because I am also a BC student, modelling the way for them is very applicable. I think that it is also something that is necessary when working with my two fellow leaders as we organise and work together for these lessons. I realise that if I want my fellow leaders to put effort into planning and to pull their weight, I need to be the type of team player I want them to be.


    c) I think that I will aim to follow the principals of ‘a good BC student’ so that not only will I be helping the students understand what we are teaching them, I will be able to encourage my co-leaders to do the same. There are simple things like wearing our uniforms correctly to represent our school well and showing up to the lessons on time and then good character qualities like respecting other students and teachers and maintaining a positive attitude. Trying to do this should help me to model the way for the students I teach and for those who teach with me.