My (Fergus Janissen) Leadership Challenge

  • Well here we go.........


    I have chosen to 'Encourage the Heart' as my focus of the 'Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership'.


    As no one knows, my main group that I am going to be leading for this program is the school Man Choir. Our Choir is not big and we do not even have to audition to get in. I have chosen 'Encourage the Heart' because sometimes the younger members of the group don't feel confident with putting full power into their voices. I have been under the lead of heaps of great and terrible leaders of choirs, sports, or even just my parents, and I found that their attitude towards me made a big difference on how I felt. I hope to use my encouragement in every way I can, may it be through some helpful tips or a congratulate treat, I plan not just to use it with the Man Choir but in rowing too.


    The one main thing I am going to do during the next three month period is turn up to every practice and training on time. That is unless I'm sick and at home, but even if I am injured, I can still sit in the coach boat and keep up with what my crew is doing. This will give me every opportunity to 'Encourage the Heart' of those who need it.