5 practises of exemplary student leadership

  • My practice of examplary student leadership is inspiring a shared vision. - Ben Warren


    I chose inspiring a shared vision as the Tauranga Boys' College sailing team seemed unmotivated to complete the fund raising activities we had been set. I would like to see the team raise enough to pay the entry fee for our regatta. As a leader I relise that I must translate this vision of mine into a team vision. Hopefully by creating a vision for the whole team the boys will become more motivated to follow this vision and carry it through.


    To be sucessful I will need to find out what the team wants from the fund raising, and what they think we could do to raise funds. By involving the team in the planning and organising the fund raisers they will feel more connected to the project, and with that more inclined to be involved with the team's fundraising. To inspire a shared vision I must highlight what the future will be like, by sharing my fund raiseing vision I hope to shoe them what we could have done by the end of the year.