My (Bryce's) Project and Leadership Development

  • What is your leadership project?


    My leadership project is the Apex Energy Council at Trident High School.


    When did it start and when do you expect it to be finished?


    It started Term 4 last year, and it will end when the school is as energy efficient as possible. The leadership will be passed on when I leave Trident at the end of next year as I believe it will run for many years.


    Who initiated it?


    Dave Dobbin, the metal teacher at Trident.


    As a leader, what is your role in the 'project'?


    My role is to make sure everyone attended meetings, run meetings every Friday and when we are doing out of class activities, keeping everyone on task and motivated.


    Who else is involved?


    There are 9 other students, including a prefect. Mr Dobbin, the Board of Trustees Staff rep and the maintenance manager at school have input into the group.


    What have the results of the 'leadership project' been, at this point in time?


    We have done testing on suitable light replacement for the major upgrade of our covered pathways at school, we have done an energy audit of all 60 or so classrooms, admin block and other buildings around the school. We are in the process of setting up power monitoring equipment around school


    How do you feel personally as leader of this project?


    I feel a great sense of satisfaction leading this group as we are trying to make our school the most energy efficient in the country. I have a sense of pride seeing the students I lead so interested and motivated to make change at our school.


    What have you learned about your leadership style and the Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership, from this project?


    I have learned you have to have a very strong vision yourself before trying to have other people to share that vision. Also I learned that the leadership style that suited me is what I follow; however some aspects of the other styles of leadership are also present in how I lead.


    As a result of this experience, what would you advise others to do to be an effective leader?


    Follow the Leadership cycle of action, I followed it for the out of class day that I had with my group and it worked really well. Also stick to the leadership style that suits you and keep working with it and developing it


    Bryce Coulter