Fergus Janissen

  • My Nine-Point Summary


    My leadership project is the Aquinas College Man Choir (the Acafela's).


    The man choir started a few years ago as just a small group. I started to take up the student leadership role a few weeks ago when I realised that the skills I am learning and working on in this program would benifit the progress of our group. The careers group that I was involved in at that point wasn't really advancing at great speed and I found that I didnt have a very impacting role as a leader in that area. So my choice to change my project was easy. I would say that my role would end when I leave the man choir or leave school but that wont be too soon.


    I don't know when the man chior started exactly but Im sure that it was after I started at Aquinas. I think that ther was a male music teacher that got the idea into the boys heads that being in a man choir isn't something to be ashamed of, especially and definitely if you can sing.


    As the student leader of the group I help with the warm ups at the start of practice and encourage anyone who is not feeling confident in the note that they are singing.


    The Acafella's are composed of all years from 7 - 13 and we have our teacher in charge.


    At this point in time we don't have anything really to show because we haven't performed anywhere yet but we have been learning new songs to lead up to performances in the near future.


    I personally feel quietly confident in this project, hoping everyone will cooperate to their full potential, I feel we can pull off some big performances this year.


    I found that I'm not an over confident leader that confronts others easily so thats what I have been working on over the weeks. Encouraging the Heart is sometimes hard when you dont have the right words to say to the other member of the team. But it gives a sense of pride when something you have said has given someone that push to achieve their goal, and achieve it well.


    Dont be shy, be confident. Confidence is key to being a successful leader. And don't look to tomorrow to change. "The future starts today,not tomorrow" Pope John Paul ll