Frances: My Nine Point Summary

  • 1) My leadership project was being one of three 'peer support' leaders for a class of year 7 students.


    2) It started on Wednesday the 19th of February (at the year 7 camp) and will end at the end of the school year.


    3) The peer support program has been running at my school ever since I have been here but a teacher and the health captains run the program and asked for volunteers at the end of last year.


    4) It involves taking 'Christian Living' periods with the class every second week and going on their camp as a student leader/helper. The lessons are based around 'being a good student at Bethlehem College.' We have to plan the lessons beforehand based on the outline the captains give us.


    5) The health captains and my fellow leaders are also involved in this project.


    6) We formed a close bond with the younger students on the camp and we continue to maintain the relationship, acting as role modals for the students. They enthusiastically contribute to the lessons so hopefully we are teaching them lessons and ideas that they will apply to their lives. We are always learning new things about the nature of year sevens and how to go about controlling a class of students.


    7) I think that in terms of planning for the lessons we are working together well as a team to try and make the lessons as interesting and relevant as possible. As the unofficial leader of the leaders for our class, I would like to see my fellow leaders take charge a bit more and think about their own different ways of communicating with the students. In terms of response from the class I would say our project is currently a positive thing but I still think we can improve in relating better the studies to the students so that they are genuinely learning from us.


    8) I have learnt that constantly 'modeling the way' is necessary as as a leader, others watch every little thing you do. I learnt that personnally, I am a hands on leader and that I like to be involved in what everyone is doing. I need to remember to step back and look at what we are doing in relation to the bigger picture to ensure we stay on track! I find that I will easily 'encourage the heart' but that I need to work at enabling others to act and challenge the process themselves. This project has shown me that it is far more efficient getting all of the team to contribute (like when planning lessons) and that each person has very different ideas that can make 'challenging the process' easier if each person feels that it is worth them contributing. I found inspiring a shared vision is an important thing in relation to the younger students and it's done by constantly showing your enthusiasm for your vision to help them to understand why it's even important.


    9) I think that I would advise them to always act as they want their team to act and make a lot of effort to empower their teammates and give everyone a chance to lead the team through their ideas. This will help to find new ways of doing things and it also helps you as the leader become part of the team and not above it - you become their equal.