My Leadership Challenge 18.4.14

  • I have decided that the Exemplary Student Leadership I am going to focus on will be to ‘Inspire a Shared Vision’. I will focus on this aspect through my participation in the School Ball Committee.


    I have chosen this practice to focus upon because I think that if I believe in a successful, fun and co-ordinated school ball then all the other students who are on the ‘ball committee’ will as well. I cannot demand that people commit, contribute and engage in meetings, but I can inspire them to. I think that this practice will be the most effective in the leadership project I am doing over the next 3 months because I, along with the other students on the ball committee are working towards an inspired vision of our 2014 school ball!


    One thing that I will try to do during the 3-month period that will help me to be more successful at Inspiring a Shared Vision is to use vivid language and an expressive style when talking to others. This will not only excite and inspire them but will keep me motivated and enthusiastic about the organisation of the ball. At meetings and discussions I will make sure that I am enthusiastic and excited for the ball which will uplift other people and rub onto them so that they get more passionate about it. I will ask others what they think and foster and grow their ideas, which will make them more committed. I will also do something when I say I will, for example contacting someone, so that the other students know I mean what I say.


    Nina Lopes – Mount Maunganui College


    Good luck to everyone else with their leadership projects!