My 9 Questions (Jed)

  • What is my leadership project?


    To coach the Year 7 and 8 basketball team.


    When did it start and when do you expect it to finish?


    It started in week 8 and will finish at the end of term 3.


    Who initiated it?


    I approached the teacher in charge of Basketball at my school to see if there were any opportunities to coach teams.


    As a leader, what is you role in the project?


    I am the coach of the team.


    Who else was involved?


    I am the only coach of the team.


    What have the actual results of the leadership project been, at this point?


    The project started of quite poorly as getting numbers confirmed was quite difficult as the kids kept on say that they would play and then they weren’t. To attempt to solve this I handed out a notice to the kids but many of them lost it and need other one. Eventually I had to get the kids email address to contact their parents to confirm that they are playing or not. Now however the team seems to be set and we have our first game on Monday night.


    How do you feel personally as leader of this project?


    I feel like so far that it has fairly difficult organising kids who are very forgetful but at the practices the experience has been very enjoyable as it get to so the kids improve and have fun.


    What have you learned about your leadership style and the Five practices of Exemplary Student Leadership, from this project?


    I have learnt that ‘Encouraging the heart’ is a very important part of being a leader as it motivates the kids to try harder to achieve their goals. By hearing that they are doing well and improving makes them improve more. This also creates a good atmosphere at practice as everyone is happy and arguments don’t occur very often.


    As a result of this experience, what would you advice others to do to be an effective leader?


    You need to be organized and confident when being a leader otherwise nothing will ever get done and you will just get overrun with complaints and people will start questioning you judgement.