It is the beginning of the 2nd semester

  • It is the beginning of the 2nd semester and I am looking forward to what it has instore :)


    I am not continuing with the Health Science papers as I am going towards an environmental and animal major. I was pleased with my results from the first semester as I struggled with both Chem and Physics and pasted both :) and did well in HUBS and Cells passing with a B and B+, and also found that both those papers go towards my new change of course.


    Now i am taking ENVI111 which is 'Environment and Society' and find it so interesting! Also BIO112 which is the 'Biology of Animals'. SATS115 which is a recommending paper and is not all that interesting but there always has to be that one you do not like to much I guess. And finally ANTH104 which is an anthropology paper on 'Human Evolution and Prehistory', this is my interest paper and I am enjoying it a lot.


    I am excited for the rest of this year as I think I have found what direction I want to head down :)


    And it is also great to be back in Carryington and with all my friends, but i did have a great holiday back in was nice to be in the warmer weather :)