9 point questionnaire

  • What is/was your 'leadership project?


    My leadership project was to help organise the school ball and be a leader of the decoratins group.


    When did it start and when do you expect it to finish?


    Our first meeting was in the first week of term 2 and the ball is next weekend (17th of May) so my leadership project will be about four months long.


    Who initiated it?


    Every year, there is a school ball which is organised by the deputy head students and this year the deputy head boy and girl is Jesse and Kaydi.


    As a leader, what is your role in the project?


    My role in the project is to give support to the head students and help out in any way i can. I am also a leader of the decorations team so I was responsible for organising and callibararting the ideas of others, then sourcing the materials and then working out a budget and the costs of the these products, passing on the information to the head students and teacher in charge.


    Who else was involved?


    In the ball committee there are 35 members but only about 10 of us were working on decorations.


    What have the actual results of the leadership project been, at this point in time?


    At this point in time, the results of my leadership project have been a 'planned ball' next Saturday is when our ball is will be the true result of my leadership project. Hopefully everyone will like the decorations and 'get' the theme.


    How do you feel personally as leader of this project?


    I feel that it is quite hard and time consuming to plan decorations for a ball. It sounds like a measly task but it actually requires alot of organisation, calling suppliers, emailing party suppliers, checking that other people have contacted such a person etc. I think it is almost easier if there is only one person that just does it all themselves, but then of course they wouldn't be a leader! And other people might not be happy with the decisions, ahah!


    What have you learned about your leadership style and the Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership, from this project?


    In this scenario I think initially my focus was to "inspire a Shared Vision" of the ball to inspire people and encourage their ideas and thoughts. As time went on though, and it came to having to organise calling people, going to showrooms and emailing people I had to focus more on "Modelling The Way" in the sense that I had to first make the calls and step up to show that you have to get in touch with people, and then relay the information back to the other group members and the head students. Another Practice I used was "Challenging The Process", I had to be innovative and put forawrd original ideas for decorations so that our ball is amazing! I learnt that it's important to voice yur ideas and encourage others to because you never what scould come out of it. I think that the Leadership Cycle of Action is a very useful and effective tool that I should of used more of, and will use more in future projects.


    As a result of this experience, what would you advise others to do to be an effective leader?


    I think in this experience to be an effective leader you have to do what you say you will do, just like we were told in workshop 1! When you lose credibility, you lose trust and the followers will seek a new, more reliable leader. Also, that is honesty is the best policy! When you are honest with the group about your feelings and thoughts it allows them to feel comfortable and be able to do the sam in return, forming a strong bond. Of course, all of this is easier said then done, but we all learn from our mistakes, and if we didn't have them, we wouldn't learn!


    Nina Lopes