Student Leadership Practices Inventory Summary

  • The Student Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)


    "The Student LPI was simple to use, to score, to understand--it made sense and gave me a handle for figuring out what leadership is all about."


    "Made me realize that I am leader--and helped me figure out how to be a better one at that."


    "I really liked that it was focused on students, rather than business people and executives. I could relate to what it was asking and telling me to do."


    "I learned that leadership isn't about telling people what to do, but rather coming together to achieve a common goal."


    These are just a few of the things students have to say about their experiences with the Student Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)--a new version of Kouzes and Posner's exceptional tool for developing extraordinary leaders--now tailored to the specific needs of students and young people!


    The four-instrument package assesses leadership skills and potential in five key areas, based on the five essential practices:-


    Challenging the Process


    Inspiring a Shared Vision


    Enabling Others to Act


    Modeling the Way


    Encouraging the Heart


    The Student LPI has been tested, refined, and proven valid in research. It is short, simple, and can be self-scored. It can be used with students or young adults in academic and non-academic settings, by students alone, or as part of a course or workshop.