Busy at University

  • I am so glad that this blog is up and running.


    My names Emmie Corrigall, and I received the Bay of Plenty Education Trust scholarship end of 2008. I am now in my second year of university at Waikato University, and am thoroughly enjoying it even though it is very hard work! I am double majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology, which I have been told is a 'different' combination but the reason for this is that I am doing Biochemistry for the career that I want, and Psychology for a second option and also an interest, as I find it very interesting.


    First year at university was very different to school yet very rewarding. I stayed in the halls of residence and made a lot of friends that I know will last a lifetime. I am still in the halls of residence this year, however I am now in the self-catered flats, so have a bit more freedom, a good intermediate step before flatting - which I now definitely feel I am ready to do!


    I am very grateful for receiving this scholarship as it has helped me out a lot with course related costs, and also gone towards my course costs. Textbooks and course notes are so expensive, I would never have thought! It is normally around $500 each semester, unbelievable!! But they really are a good investment, and great if you keep up with the readings, and so thanks to the Bay of Plenty Education Trust scholarship I have been able to benefit from having the textbooks!


    Well I should probably get back to the books =P