It was all worth it!

  • I was awarded the BOP Education Trust scholarship at the 2007 Trident High School prizegiving before commences my studies at The University of Auckland in 2008.


    I have since then completed my 3 year BSc degree majoring in Chemistry and Statistics and just over a month ago I was awarded my fourth and final scholarship payment from the trust.


    That final payment will help pay for my research I will be doing this year as a part of my honours year in the Chemistry department here in Auckland. I have long days of research to look forward to this year as well as juggling a couple of papers that complement my work but I have my own workstation and computer in a 5th floor office with an great view so it isn't all bad!


    I would just like to thank the trust for supporting me over the past four years as their help along with the help of others has certainly been very useful to enable me to get my qualification! Also good luck to all the first year recipients who will have just started their journey, I hope you all make it through!




    Scott Mitchell