I was one of the recipients of the scolarship from Trident High

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    My name is Sandra Baresic and I was one of the recipients of the scolarship from Trident High School last year.First of all thank you for my scholarship, it has been a great help for paying my course and living fees, I appreciate it. Not long ago I didnt know there was a blog, but this is pretty cool, Im also interested in what other scholarship recipients are doing at other universities. I am currently at Auckland university studying first year pre-med in a bachelor of biomedical science, I hope to go on to medicine in my second year. I've survived my first semester and have really enjoyed it. I have done chemistry, population health, biology and anatomy papers in my first semester. They were all really hard, maybe except population health, because biomed is very competitve. However, I mostly love the papers that I did. I think I have a passion for anatomy, I found our studies of nuerons and muscle tissue very interesting, so I'm pretty happy. I have gotten two marks back, a B and a B+ for the two bilolgy papers. Im happy with that but there is room for improvement. I am due to start second semester on the 18th of July and am looking forward to it, I really like the freedom and amazing people at university. Anyway thanks again, I'll catch up soon.