Five Leadership Practices by Seeun Park

  • 1. A a result of attending Workshop 1, which one of the five practices of exemplary student leadership do you want to learn more about, and consciously try to improve during the next 4 month leading up to workshop 2?

    Model the Way

    2.Why have you chosen this practice to focus upon?

    Because I believe people want to follow a leader that shows examples of what they claim, and I want to be that leader. Someone that acts on their word and becomes an example for other people.

    3. What are two things that you will try to do during this 4 month period which should help you to be ore effective when using this practice?

    Use a daily planner or personal notebook to write down any promises or commitments that you make, as you make them. Review them daily and complete them on schedule. do what you say you will do.

    When you make a mistake, admit it. be prepared to say, 'I don't know' show that you're willing to change our mind when and if someone comes up with a better idea.

    -Seeun Park