Five Leadership Practices by Leah Owen

  • 1. Encourage the Heart

    2. I want to be able to keep up a team spirit even when things are looking down. I, myself don't want to be negative on something ending up impacting the rest of the team.

    3. As a small self exercise in leading a team, I would like to test my skills in school or extra curricular activities, such as P.E or sport. I want to praise teammates in their hard work or ability in the sport, such as made a good pass, goal, or move etc. by thanking them. Share around a teammates accomplishment with others, giving them recognition and encouragement.


  • Leah Owen
    Leah Owen I think mine has been adapted :) , this seems to be Kees' one
    July 31, 2017
  • Leah Owen
    Leah Owen Task A.
    1. The one from 'Five practices of exemplary student leadership' I have chosen to learn more about and consciously try to improve in the next 4 months in Modelling the Way.
    2. I have chosen to 'model the way' because there is no way that I could e...  more
    July 31, 2017