Five Leadership Practices by Hannah Mahon

  • 1. As a result of attending workshop 1, which one of the Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership do you want to learn more about, and consciously try to improve during the next 4 months leading up to workshop 2?
    Encourage the Heart

    2. Why have you chosen this practice to focus upon?
    Mainly because people, when being a part of something, forget about why they are doing it. Especially if the work is arduous and long. They are often tempted to give up. So as a leader, I would like to help the group to remember why they started in the first place. I also believe that I have an uplifting personality and a positive attitude and therefore, I would like to learn how to use that to help and encourage others to be the best they can be.

    3. What are two things that you will try to do during this 4 month period, which should help you to be more effective when using this practice?
    1. Praise team members when they have done a good job.
    9. Involve your team-mates in designing a reward and recognition/celebration system for your team. Talk with them about how they would like to be recognised for their accomplishments and successes.


    Thanks, Hannah.