Five Leadership Practices by Jack Nelson

  • A1) Following the first session of the Future Leaders programme I have decided to further investigate and improve to 'Model the way'.

    A2) For me, I have often realised that the effective leaders in my life wether it be for rugby, youth group, or just around school they always lead by example. This does not necessarily mean that they have all of the answers or are the best skilled player, they do what is right at all times realising that they are acting as a role model for others, doing their best to always be involved. This doesn't mean that they are being someone they are not, but more so acting in a way which represents themselves naturally. For me I think that modelling the way is key to not only earning my peers and those around me respect, but shows your maturity and allows others to aspire to act and do what you do, having a chain influence. On a rugby feild it often only takes one person to lead by example and for instance have heaps of talk and this will more often than not lead to the rest of the team stepping up and following suit. So for me this is important generate a good and healthy environment in which for me to lead.

    A3) In order to model the way firstly I will aim to be willing to voice what I think is right, having courage. This means that I will do my best to back myself and have self confidence so that I will be able to maybe make decisions that are counter culture, decisions that may influence the culture and attitude of those around me. For instance Trident has a very poor rugby culture in the fact that trainings as shunned as well as many poor attitudes that of playing the game for a fight. If I am able to encourage and make decisions to influence this in any way, this will be one way of which I am able to model the way. Secondly to be most effective in modelling the way I will have clear morals that at all costs I will stick to, in doing this I will gain respect and more importantly influence once again the cultures. There is a very heavy drinking culture in the rugby team specifically and for me one way in which I can say that this is not alright is to not drink at an after match ( not that I'm saying that drinking one is bad) but others will notice this and ask me why I'm not drinking and from leading in this more subtle way it will enable me to express my opinions to others so that they to will stay true to there values.



    Jack Nelson