Five Leadership Practices by Dayjah Edwards

  • 1. As a result of attending the future leaders workship 1, the practice of student leadership i have chosen to learn more about and try to improve is "challenge the process".
    2. I have chosen this practice to focus on because i would like to improve my understandings of being able to adapt, change and grow. I would like to improve being able to accept/find new and better ways of doing things in order to constantly keep growing as a leader.
    3. Two things i will try to do to help me be more effictive when using the practice would be to:
    •Challenge old idea's by exploring new possibilities or ideas to get around things, as well as allowing others to challenge my ideas and adapting my thoughts. Instead of looking back on how we can improve past situation, Trying something new that has never been done before.
    • Not be afraid id to speak up or fail. Being able to accept failure and learn/Grow from it to find a better solution and create opportunities for others to learn from mistakes.

    Dayjah Edwards