Five Leadership Practices by Ra Neilsford Jones

  • 1 .My leadership skill that I have chosen to focus on is ENABLE OTHERS TO ACT

    2. I have chosen to focus on this leadership skill because I think it is what I need to improve on the most and I think it is a skill that is not practiced as much as any other leadership skill even though it is so important because a leader is not just one person if he Enables others to act he/she has a whole community backing them if they use this skill correctly.

    3. The first thing I will try to do to improve the effectiveness of my practice is to approach a leadership roles without showing any uncomfortableness because to enable others to act, a leader must first prove to the public that he/she knows what they are doing and that they are in charge instead of submitting to peer pressure which would just show that they are not confident in their skills which is not the inner lustre a leader should have. The second thing I will do is try to show leadership in a diverse range of activities so that I can develop my leadership skills in different situations and show others I can adapt my skills to different situations (especially practicing my enable others to act) and inspire others to also take part in a different range of activities.