Five Leadership Practices ny Nadia Snegirev

  • 1. Enabling others to act

    2. Because I feel that I need to improve in this area, and is the most important for me to teach those I am guiding. By learning how to encourage others to take initiative and instead become leaders of their own, it creates a group with less dependency on me, so that when the time comes for me to step down from my position, they will be able to cope. This is a long term solution rather than a short term one, as right now it may be fine for me to be able to lead a team, and communicate and distribute what needs to be done, however people are reluctant to grow and improve themselves if they are never given the opportunity in which to learn the way in which to do things for themselves. So by encouraging people to act, I am able to build a stronger team as each person will become more developed in their own knowledge and skills base, and a better overall attitude towards learning and contributing.

    3.I will try and challenge myself so that I can relearn the frustrations and confusions that come before a person learns a new skill. This means that I will be more ready to emphasis with those going through this journey and know the best way in which to help them learn.
    My next task will to be more open when making decisions, which means including freedom and choice in the way in which people work, and providing other people with the opportunity to take responsibility, and lead in their own way.