Five Leadership Practices for Peighton Mio

  • 1. From attending the future leaders course the leadership practice I have chosen is Enabling others to act.

    2. I specifically chose this certain practice because this is what I also need to do more . In order to teach others this practice I also want to be able to do it my self . I also want to encourage others to act and to be confident in what they say and believe in , in order to succeed even more as a strong leader .

    3. The 2 things I am going to do to make my practice more effective is to guide and lead the up and coming leaders to be confident in what they think, show them that saying what you think is not bad, also in order to enable them to act , is to make sure that you as a leader are also enabled to act in a confident manner . And I would like to join and create a good enivironment and a range of activities to build up the strength and to give other people or leaders the confidence to strive for more, and to not be afraid to act.