Characteristics of Effective Leaders

  • Future Leaders Programme 2017
    Based on the various team experiences of this year’s group, individuals have agreed that successful leaders are often found to be:

    1. Impartial and unbiased
    2. Really positive role models who lead by example
    3. Easily related-to
    4. Very caring towards people
    5. Effective motivators and encouragers of other people
    6. Good builders of teams
    7. Good at instilling pride in the work of others whom they are leading
    8. Inspirational
    9. Willing to challenge consensus thinking
    10. Willing to take ownership of situations by stepping up and taking control

    What do you think? From your recent leadership experiences and encounters, are there any other behaviours that you’ve found effective leaders use to good effect?

    Also, how do these behaviours and attitudes reflect in the Leadership Practice that you’ve chosen to focus on ie. Model the Way, Encourage the Heart, Enable Others to Act etc? Are any of them obviously strongly aligned with your Leadership Practice?