Five Leadership Practices by Cole Douglas

  • 1. As a result of attending workshop 1, which one of the Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership do you want to learn more about, and consciously try to improve during the next 4 months leading up to Workshop II?
    - Challenge the Process

    2. Why have you chosen this practice to focus on?
    - I have chosen this practice to focus on because I often only do things by the book or one certain way but it doesn't always work. Different situations call for different processes and thinking outside the box. Whether it be be to get the task done or rally the team and develop it's members.

    3. What are two things that you will try to do during this 4 month period, which should help you to be more effective when using this practice?
    - One thing I am in leading this term is a a dance group for a Pasifika competition. I am in charge of teaching the group Samoan dances and for some it's a bit out of their comfort zone and so it's hard to keep their focus to learn new things. To try make it work and implement this Process Challenging Practice is too tr a new way of leadership. I have noticed that some of the younger members listen to a couple of the other older members of their ethnicity. So I will try to use those members of the group to help with the control as opposed to me trying control them when they won't listen to me yet.
    - Another thing as that as the year goes on and school work piles up everyone gets a bit stressed out. I want help my teammates and friends to prepare for the intense times ahead. With preparation and work management stress can stay at a minimum and commitments can be kept.