Five Leadership Practices by Jaden Nathan

  • Question 1:
    I will be looking into the practice Encouraging the Heart
    Question 2:
    Why I have chosen this practice is because I want to be a leader that is able to keep those I'm leading focused, motivated and conifident in their ability to get the task as one team. I want to ultilize this practice to develop my own ability evaluate my team and listen to their needs so I can lead in a way that keeps all individuals in the mind set to work in harmony with one another.
    Question 3:
    My first task I'm going to set for myself is to Commend hard work. To elaborate I'm one of the music leaders in our schools Pacifica by Nature performing group, and not everyone naturally has the patience needed to learn the songs and dances, so in order to keep the focus of the team constant and their spirits high I'm going to make sure that effort displayed by any of the team isn't being overlooked. I want to commend them for their hard work. Big or small achievements, I want to acknowledge.
    Lastly the second task I'm going to set for myself is to Give verbal and/or physical support.
    Continuing on from commending and acknowledging good work among the team. I also want support those individuals who may be struggling, whether it be keeping in tune, learning the dances or just simply staying focused. Also with those who are feeling discouraged about their performance I want to let know that they are valuable to the team despite them having difficulty keeping up with the others. I want to able to identify what kind of support they need so that I can help them properly.
    These are the tasks I want to exercise to really bring the team together and forward my progression as a leader.