Five Leadership Practices by Harmony Kahotea

  • Q1-Challenge the process

    Q2-I have choosen, Challenge the process because it's what I am passionate about! The change, the challenges and setting new goals. I love a challenge and motivating myself and the people around me to take risks when needed, pushing there boundaries and overcoming challenges they're faced with.

    Q3- *I want to help other students in my school with the potential to be great leaders. I want to help them realise that they have it inside them and teach them to be confident in what they believe is right: I will do this by setting the students oppurtunites to take risks aswell as supporting and encouraging them to have a voice and give their opinion/ideas.

    * I would also like to go into my community and school and find out what it is that people want, to challenge myself to understand what the people want to happen what they believe should be 'the change' and if possible pursue and take into consideration the ideas/opinions they have. I also want to let them know that they can do things aswell, explaining and helping them grasp that they can step out of there comfort zone and acomplish difficult challenges they may have believed they couldn't achieve... I believe by doing this it is not only challenging myself to work and co-operate with others but also teaching and helping them understand that they can achieve anything if they set there mind to it.