9 Point Questionnaire,: Seeun

  • 1. My project was to organise Food Court for my house. Food Court is a day where each of the houses have a food stall each and sell food to raise funds for 40hr famine
    2. The organising of the food court started 15th of May and it finished on the 8th of June
    4. My role was to organise everything for my house from the menu selection to decorations, assigning people to do tasks and to make sure everything ran smoothly on the day,
    5. A friend of mine who was our house's deputy captain helped, along with a team of people who helped with the decorations
    6. I was away on a school trip to wellington for the actual day of the foodcourt but according to my friend who had ran the day in my place said that it went smoothly. The placings of how our house had done would be announced next week
    7.I feel like I was well organised and was clear on what I wanted to be done (giving instructions)
    8.a) My preferred leadership style is the one that encourages others to be involved that makes sure no one feels left out.
    b) I learnt that enabling others to act- to encourage discussion and collaboration brings better ideas that can be applied to the situation or to solve a problem
    9. I would advise others to listen to the other members of the team and bring on their ideas as well as our own as everyone had different talents in different areas. This will make sure that the 'project' would be a successful and creative one.

    These are my answers to questions 1-9, sorry that they were late :( I was at Wellington for the week on a school music trip and it completely slipped my mind. I am still not able to excess the blog so I wasnt able to post answers there

    Thank you

    Seeun Park