9 Point Questionnaire: Hannah

  • 1. My project involves being a part of the leadership of my school Media Team. Which plans out the school website and magazine.

    2. This started at the beginning of the school year and for me will continue until the end of next year. But this particular magazine will finish this year and a new one will start next.

    3. This was initiated by a staff member and 3 students this year. (Including myself)

    4. As a leader, my role is to organise meeting and instruct the students on what to do for our next one. I plan out what has to happen for the website and how we can make it happen, etc.

    5. There are 4 other seniors and a few younger students.

    6. The results have been good, involving updates on the website as to current events and planning out the school magazine.

    7. Personally I feel challenged and glad that I am able to put to use my newly acquired leadership knowledge. I am finding it enjoyable to be a part of such a neat group of peers.

    8a. I have learnt that in such a creative atmosphere it can be a struggle for people to 'encourage the heart' and keep going with the project. With this work load on top of school work, I have to keep reminding the students that it'll be worth it in the end, as they will have something they can be proud of. We all create an uplifting and caring environment that really helps us to enjoy and be free with our ideas.

    8b. My involvement has helped me to learn that the engagement of all 5 practices of exemplary leadership are necessary. This is due to the variety of different minded students having their own reasoning for joining. I will continue to learn more about the 5 practices, as to put them into more use.

    9. I would advise others to really think about whether they enjoy what they are doing, as this is so important. To be an effective leader one must know the group and feel as though they are a part of a family and not a superior. They should learn about the 5 practices of exemplary leadership as this is key to getting extraordinary things done.