9 Point Questionnaire: Ra

  • 1.The project that I am taking part of is The Omanu Surf Lifesaving Club IRB Training Course

    2. The Course started some time in May and will be ending on September 2nd; the last day of testing for our candidates

    3. The Omanu Surf Lifesaving Club initiated this

    4. My role was that of a junior IRB instructor. This role consisted of observing teaching techniques of the Senior instructors. With this new knowledge and my previous knowledge of IRB skills and components I would teach candidates how to operate IRB’s from a Crewperson’s point of view and a Driver’s point of view. I would then evaluate their progress and report to my senior instructors on what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. I would also instruct candidates what to do to improve upon what has been taught to them.

    5. Other people that are involved are senior instructors, another junior instructor and The Omanu Surf Lifesaving Club President.

    6. The results of this project have been good so far. Many of the candidates have more than enough potential to pass the required tests, recognize the health and safety risks while operating an IRB and to perform a life threatening rescue if required.

    7. I feel like I have learnt a lot more about communication between myself and others because of the emphasis we have to put on the health and safety side of things. I feel more experiences as a leader.

    8a. I have learned that my prefered leadership style in this project is that when I feel the conditions are safe I will advise my candidates what to do rather than showing them because I think that they would learn more about the concepts behind what we teach them. But when I needed to show them exactly what to do in order to avoid any incidents I demonstrated instead. I have discovered that when Introducing people new concepts one of the easier ways is to let them learn is to let them experiment when it is safe because it engages the candidates more. By making the candidates more involved they feel like they aren’t dictated and that they can have a say which makes them more eager.

    B. One particular thing I have learnt about the five practices of Exemplary Leadership is that some practices are more involved than others in different situations. For example in IRB training we were working entirely with volunteers, not one person in this course (Instructor or Candidate) was getting paid and for the most part relied on our own work ethic to pass these candidates. This made Enabling others to act the most prominent of the leadership practices because I could not alone teach everyone if none had their heart in it. This made me realise that I need to evaluate the situation and what Leadership practices apply to it before deciding what kind of Leader I need to be.

    9. I would advise others to take a look at their conditions and what is required for it to be an effective leader. If you are not properly prepared or do not know what you are leading you will most likely fail. I think this is the first thing you should do if you are going to become a leader of a project because it is the most important.