9 Point Questionnaire: Harmony

  • 1-My project was to find out what it is students want for themselves, and to teach the people around me that they are the future and have the potential to be whatever it is they desire/aspire to be.My focal point of the project was to encourage the students and help them to challenge their motives and thoughts, whilst also pushing them to seek opportunities and take risks that both the school and community had to offer.
    2-My project started in term 1 week nine and finished during term 2 week five. I expected my project to run for approximately three weeks but it ran longer than I thought, I think this is because the more time I spent with the students, the more they felt encouraged to discuss what they were interested in, meaning they were more open and shared deeper detail to their story which helped us feel confident on having something to work on (goal set).
    3-I initiated the project myself, first speaking with my dean Mrs Wood-wood to get some advice on what she thought, she thought what I planned to do sounded great so I went ahead and did it.
    4-As a leader of the project I managed doing the interviews with the students this was normally during lunchtimes or before school. I personally knew the students interviewed and talked with them which made/helped with the communicating and conversation.
    5-The people that were involved were, Hanisi, my form teacher (Mrs cook) , Carmel, Mrs Wood-wood and Jayden
    6-I feel that my role in this project was good, and that I had a fair amount of support from both my teachers and the students I worked with were very easy to work with.
    7-The results so far have been very good. I have managed to spend a fair amount of time with the students I have worked with and I have personally noticed there growth. Teaching them and helping them understand the leadership process we were taught helped me realise that like myself these students have a strong way with people and helping them. I really hope that the people I have worked with over this project continue to help others and teach them other skills, I also hope to see them going for leadership roles in the future.
    8.A- I learnt that my style of leadership is to inspire others and work with people, I feel like this because my communication skills are very good; I am very resilient and optimistic. I have an understanding, caring opinion that I feel could benefit and help others.
    8.B-I learnt that when you are a leader you need to use all 5 of leadership skills (model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act, encourage the heart) this is because naturally, when you are a leader you can recognise how each of the different skills can work together for a more successful outcome
    9-I feel that if you want to be an effective leader you need to first understand who you are yourself. This way having a good understanding of who you are, could help you relate and contribute to the people you are leading. It could simply be by giving advice or being supportive, these small motives help express a good bond, or strong relationship; this is key to being a leader because, you need to have people or a group to 'lead'. I would encourage them to always be optimistic, to have an open mind and be ready to take on all opportunities given. To remember that inspiring other is all apart of being a leader and especially that being a leader doesn't always mean being the centre of attention (or in the spotlight) but sometimes it is like a movie scene which without the behind scenes crew the film would not be possible.
    ps,question 6 answer is question 7 answer and question 7 has the answer to question 6


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