9-Point Questionnaire: Cole

  • FLP 9 Point Questionnaire
    Cole Douglas

    1 - What was your project?
    My project was being apart of the senior committee of our school’s Pacifica by Nature group as well as leading one of the performance groups.

    2 - When did it start and when did it finish?
    I agreed to become a member of the the committee last year, our first meeting was in the summer holidays and we started practise in term 1. The big performance was on the second Saturday of term 2.

    3 - Who initiated it?
    Mrs Peina, the coordinating teacher for Pacifica by Nature, invited me to join the committee and to lead one of our brackets last year.

    4 - As a leader, what was your role in the project?
    As a leader in the committee, I attended the committee meetings and gave my feedback and opinions on how things were being run and what needed to be done or worked on. As a leader of Samoan bracket of our performance, I had to choreograph the performance and teach to a large group of students.

    5 - Who else was involved?
    There were about eight other students involved and also Mrs Peina as the staff member. As for the performance group, my dad and I were the two in charge.

    6 - What have the actual results of the ‘project’ been?
    The results were pretty good. The performance was good and everyone had a great time. We weren’t expecting to place but we still did pretty good given our resources and budget.

    7 - How do you feel personally about your role as a leader of this ‘project’?
    Personally I feel I did a good job at being a leader in this group. In the committee, I was a prominent voice of opinion and I think this definitely helped with getting things done, making improvements and identifying what was going well. Leading the Samoan bracket of our performance was definitely a more challenging role as I was mostly on my own. I think that I did quite well dealing with struggles, using other people as role models for support and such to help with getting it done.

    8 - From your involvement in this project, what have you learned so far about:
    a. Your preferred leadership style:
    Usually my preferred leadership style is usually just being able to rely on the team to always give the task everything they’ve got and that our goal is to just complete the task the best we can. But I learnt pretty quickly that that was not going to work in this situation and so had adapt, which was quite a challenge but once I figured out that these guys just really needed to enjoy themselves and fun to give it everything they’ve got, it went really well.

    b) and the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership:
    In this situations the most prominent Practice of Exemplary Leadership was simply modelling the way. Giving the group a clear look at how what things were expected. I put in the work therefore so do you. Another that definitely helped was sharing with them a vision. When they saw how cool this performance could be then that lifted moral and definitely encouraged the group to go hard.

    9 - As a result of this experience, what would you advise others to do to be an effective leader?
    I would simply advise that sometimes the way you are most comfortable leading does not necessarily work in every single situation. Sometimes you need change up your approach and perspective.