9 Point Questionnaire: Peighton

  • 9 Point Questionnaire by Peighton Mio

    1. What is/was the ‘leadership project’ situation?
    The leadership project was to encourage up and coming leaders. Also it helps you understand what being a leader is and what qualities you might need in order to become the best leader you can be.
    2. When did it start and when do you expect it to finish…or, when did it finish? Thursday 16th March 2017 - 1st August 2017
    3. Who initiated it? The BAY OF PLENTY EDUCATION TRUST.
    4. As a leader, what is/was your role in the ‘project’? I just listened and took notes at the conference. To learn qualities that can improve my leadership abilities.
    5. Who else is/ was involved? Others schools were involved in this project . Future leaders in the bay of plenty area.
    6. What have been the actual results of the ‘leadership project’, or what has happened at this point in time? I have become more confident when it comes to leading a group or an activity. I have used some of the qualities that this project has taught me.
    7. How do you feel personally as leader of this ‘project’? I feel pretty honoured to be about of this project. it makes me feel more confident to see that teachers see potential in me.
    8. From your involvement in this project, what have you learned about: (a) your preferred leadership style and (b) the Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership? What i have learned about my preferred leadership style is that i like to enable others to act. I want people to feel comfortable to speak allowed and to be confident also to create a safe environment for my peers to work in . The five practices of exemplary leadership have changed my whole thinking of what i actually thought be a leader was. Each practice that is given gives you a different way of portraying a leader. So there is not just one way to lead , there a multiple ways because it depends on how the leader wants to lead.
    9. As a result of this experience, what would you advise others to do to be an effective leader?
    I would suggest to others to become an effective leader is to be confident . Being a good leader does not mean you always have to stand out or be in the front. One more suggestion it's also good to get advice from your peers too. CONFIDENT AND COMMUNICATION.