9-Point Questionnaire by Jaden


    1 - What was your project?
    Pacifica By Nature 2017

    2 - When did it start and when did it finish?
    We began preparation for the event Term 4 of 2016 and the big performance day was early Term 2 this year.

    3 - Who initiated it?
    Our ESOL Teacher Mrs Kristina Peina has been coordinating this event for our school for a few years and was instrumental this year also. She invited me to be a leader this year as I participated in the competition last year.

    4 - As a leader, what was your role in the project?
    I was a member of the leaders committee, where i was able to extend idea’s on how we should organise our performances. My role as a leader was generally over Music, Vocals, Instruments and minor roles in the Samoan bracket. Also being one of the few musicians I played the guitar and sang vocals.

    5 - Who else was involved?
    We had massive support by parents and staff of our school who were are to raise funds and make the costumes for us.
    As for the musical side of things, I shared the role with two other students with support from our school music teacher.

    6 - What have the actual results of the ‘project’ been?
    In comparison to last year we did very well as this year was the first time we had entered into the competitive performances. We were able to do our entire performance without use of backing tracks (something we’d been struggling to do for a few years now), we added new elements to our each of our brackets and we had the biggest variety of cultural performances than we’d ever done in previous years.

    7 - How do you feel personally about your role as a leader of this ‘project’?
    I personally believe that my role even though may not have been as visible as others was still quite big in the success of our performance. I was grateful for the opportunity to lead the group. I was happy with how we were able to organise which instruments we were using, what brackets they were for, as well as helping with singing the back up vocals. Taking the performers who were behind and getting them up to speed was a big learning experience for me also. It definitely taught me how to be patient.

    8 - From your involvement in this project, what have you learned so far about:
    a) Your preferred leadership style
    I’ve found that having a ‘set’ leadership style doesn’t really work for me. It really depends on who I’m leading. This is because among the whole group and due to the variety of nationalities they all required different style of leadership to teach effectively. They all had different personalities (some contrasting others) so for some being assertive and quite demanding worked and for others being relatable, understanding and patient worked. So really being a versatile leader is what I’ve found to be the best.

    b) and the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
    I took quite a liking to “Encouraging the Heart” because heading towards the big day the group began to see practices as tedious and boring, which lead them to fool around during rehearsals but being able to give them the vision and determination to take practices seriously was often what they needed to get focused. Although other times it was when doubt and nerves hit and it would dampen our performances but I learnt that if you can teach others to carry on (even if mistakes are made) the performance will still be awesome because they put in the effort and didn’t let tiny negative things stop them for enjoying themselves.

    9 - As a result of this experience, what would you advise others to do to be an effective leader?
    As I previous stated. Be a versatile and adaptable leader.
    Because if you can identify which method of leading will be the most effective by analysing who you are leading you will be able to be a much better leader as a whole. One other thing I personally believe to better crucial is to remember that even though you are the leader, that doesn’t mean that you can’t step back and let others have the opportunity to lead themselves. So in short I just believe that a good leader knows when they should follow.