3-point & 9-Point Questionnaires by Lisa

  • 1. As a result of attending Workshop1,which one of the five practices of exemplary student leadership do you want to learn more about, and consciously try to improve during the next 4 months leading up to workshop 2?

    A. From the five practices of exemplary i choose Encourage the heart.

    2. Why have you choosen this practice?
    A. I chose this practices because i am more cabaple of achieving most of the practical examples. This topic also relates to me such as my personality and well-being.

    3. What are two things that you will try to do during this 4 month period, which should help you to be more effective when using this practice?

    A.1)Help and encourage others when they are doing their best.
    2)Put time and effort into others when they are in need for help and also help and serve others andteachers.

    1. what is/was your project?
    A. the project and program i am currently involved in is a program called "Agents of change". The program is about how selected students from year 7-13 help to lead and solve situations that happen at school such as bullying,anti bullying and social bullying. our group of seleted juniors and seniors help our school to be bully free and help others that are victims and the bully of the situations. we also find ways and strategies to help students to stay in school instead of letting students get stood down. the problem about students getting stood down because of a mistake they have done in school is they then tend to miss out on classes for their learning such as the juniors. for seniors they will miss out on credits that they need to pass if they are stood down.

    2.When did the project start and when do you expect it to finish?
    My project started on 14th of march 2017. To me i expect this program to continue for a couple of years even when i leave school. the project started jus this year but i am not sure when the project finishes.

    3. Who initiated it?
    Chloe Rigg (School councilor) and Mr Matt melvin (Senior co-ordinator) they were the ones that initiated the project.

    4. As a leader,What is your role in the project?
    A.My role in this project is to help our school by making sure we have less bullying or fights happening around school. Also my role is to help students to stay in school.

    5. Who else is involved?
    We have students from the year 7 to 13 that are involved we have a boy and girl from year 7 and every other year group has one person from each year group.

    6.What was the results of of the project?
    A. The results or outcome of the projects has changed our school. there has been good towards our school and the students are happy it has been a while since we had to sort out a situation which is a good income.

    7.How do you feel personally about your role as a leader of this project?
    i feel confident and open to help lead our school. i feel proud for what i am doing for the school. At the beggining i felt really shy and scared to share or be involved with leading or helping others. I also felt like i never wanted to share my opinions because i was really shy. But then now that i am involved with the agents of change program i feel like i can make a change to others and our school.

    8. From your involvement in this project what have you learnt so far about:
    your preffered leadership style and: I learnt that you dont always need to lead on your own or you dont always have to do the same leadership style to solve situations. there will always be others there to help you lead even if you make a mistake. it is good to make mistakes because we learn from them which helps us to improve to be better

    (b) The five practices of exemplary student leadership
    1 model the way
    2 Inspire a shared vision
    3 Challenge the process
    4 Enable others to act
    5 Encourahe the heart

    9. As a result of the experience, What would you advise others to do to be an effective leader?
    Its okay to make mistakes because we learn from them even when we are wrong we just need to pick up the pieces and move forward. dpnt be shy and loose confidents believe in yourself and everything that you commit into leadership. always use not only one but different styles for leadership.