9 Point Questionnaire by Dayjah

  • 1. Organising edgecumbe colleges annual anti bullying (pink shirt) day.
    2. We began preparation on the 3rd of August and the day will be held on Friday the 15th of september.
    3. I am on the schools health promoting schools (HPS) committee and i volunteered to organise this years pink shirt day.
    4. My role was to organise the programme and contact all the outside agencies who are involved in our day.
    5. The rest of our schools HPS team.
    6. So far the programme has been confirmed, my next step is to confirm the attendance of our outside support agencies.
    7. I feel confident and positive that I can take on this challenge. I also feel good that i am contributing to an event that enhances the schools values of whanaungatanga and respect.
    8. a) I have learned that my preferred leadership style is as a member of a collaborative team effort. Being able to enable others to act and providing a safe environment where others feel comfortable to speak up and express their opinions with confidence.
    b) As a senior in the HPS team, i have learned that everyone has a different way of leading and being led. Being able to adapt to different personalties traits is required to be an effective leader others can trust and depend on.
    9. I will reflect and respond to this question after our event is held.