9 - Point Questionnaire by Peighton

  • 1. What is/was the ‘leadership project’ situation?

    The leadership project was a Quiz night to help fundraise for the Volleyball girls who
    Are going over to australia.
    2. When did it start and when do you expect it to finish…or, when did it finish?
    The build up to it began in term 1 but the project night was on the 11th of august.
    3. Who initiated it?
    The Level 1 and 2 business class..
    4. As a leader, what is/was your role in the ‘project’?

    I was the main leader in this project . so i will delegate jobs and finalise all the question and work of my peers. I will communicate with my teacher on behalf of the students.

    5. Who else is/ was involved?

    Year 11 and 12s from my business class. Business department teachers.
    6. What have been the actual results of the ‘leadership project’, or what has happened at this point in time?

    Well i was a very successful night overall. We raised money for the volley girls. I used the some leadership skills i learned from the leadership programme.

    7. How do you feel personally as leader of this ‘project’?

    I felt very good about how the whole night panned out . i felt very proud of how our team worked together.
    8. From your involvement in this project, what have you learned about:
    (a) your preferred leadership style and
    (b) the Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership?

    What i have learned from this project is that my preferred leadership which is enabling others the act is to lead my group in a safe and comfortable environment.
    I want people to be able to speak up and for them to be confident.

    9. As a result of this experience, what would you advise others to do to be an effective leader?

    I would suggest to others to become an effective leader is to be confident . Being a good leader does not mean you always have to stand out or be in the front. One more suggestion it's also good to get advice from your peers too. CONFIDENT AND COMMUNICATION. There is alway room for improvement. Personally even though i have been out in a position to lead i still get scared myself.